Where are you ?

With her steps full of guts and grace, she entered the party. She looked seraphic in her white dress and with a painful look in her eyes, her face represent a great combination between despair and innocence.

In the corner, she sat and took a glace of wine, everyone beside her seem happy, dancing and screaming, and all she can do is seating and remembering how much she sacrificed for the one that she considered “the world”, she still can’t believe that it was her who have been through all this agony , at least she realise how stronger she was, but she’s no longer, she reaches her limites so she can’t go forward .

With a little hope inside her, she starts searching for him in the whole faces in front of her, in the corners and in the voices she hears, she hoped her desire could bring something broken to life, she didn’t find him, just because she can’t see him doesn’t mean he isn’t there .

She put the glass off, made an end to the thoughts, took a step up and then she join the happy faces, dancing, screaming and laughing .

… She hoped her smile would belie the sadness she felt .