To whom it may concern

The more i grow up, the more both my way and sight blur
Is that a sign my way travels nowhere ?
I have to give up you mean ?
And my head shall bend down ?

I feel the gloom won’t go away
I always think everyday
I’m not too sensible nor touchy when i weep
People are all scenes, forcing my eyes to well up and still deep…

Care is only mentioned in passing
And love has turned cards-playing
Lost is this world,
These people are deaf and blind

Smiles die on children’s anemic faces
And on filthy streets, childhood suffers,freezes,and dies
Isn’t this a sheer shame…
At times you bundy about love as a divine hymn ?

We normalise with fear and pain
Do you know peace dear aliens ?
What matters then if people are dying ?
Yuck, human are suffering you enjoy seeing ?

I hope this rhyme gets into your brains
Or at least makes you see the portraits i paint with such lines
I know i’m just a student
And maybe you inwardly say my voice doesn’t count

You’ve got to read my words dear
Because i’m just right everywhere
Until i both see and feel someone’s care
I’m aware,and not forged with a beer

You sleepy lady and gentleman,can’t you just wake up ?
You fattend bodies, aren’t you done with that snoring in the name of a nap ?
You the people who always say
Did you get what i say ?