The world under pendemics’ mercy

In the last two or three  centuries, Man made out of his long history, living under nature’s tribulations, a neww destiny, a truely a trumendous jump towards the future.

This could not had been without many factors, for instance, thinkers of the middle age and so philosophers of renaissance made it come true; by making Man believes profoundly to his capacities as well as to overlook the religious predistined life, and to look forward to freeing himself from all chains.

As a result, a new era was going to see the light. In course of facts, the wolrd has changed for ever, yet the son of Adam would set himself as  the epicenter of all things around in this world and would become by that, du to multitude of ideologies, philosophical trends in addition to science whereby modern life has been mutating, be it all that, newbor theories showed up that the anthropocene has shaped the new world.

Havig introduced the topic, being discussed by this bunch of data, reasonably by need and not by luxe.

The time of Nietzsche

The end of 19th century saw the birth of a philosopher that transcended commonsense and has went beyond so far even more as to coin the concept of Superman….

In these days, humans, assuming they have submitted nature to their supermanly will, would’nt figure out their fallacious belief but recently. Unfortunately enough, postmodernism chas come up as a representation of the final victory of man over whatsoever, but in a sudden, would come something that made the whole world bow down; What else, that is Coronavirus wherefrom everyone fear to death.

In the end, I would like to say the superman idea is no more than a myth that we have made ourselves. A thing which we have adopted as the only truth. However, a small micro-seen virus has quickly stripped off that fallacy.

As humans, we must draw out a new path, a safe path after  this pendemic, that will not other than morals and compassion, espicially overall, we must find back refuge in religion because, I think, it is indisputably the reaal guarentee against any likely deviation…