I want a change

If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first. Another said ‘If you want to change your life, start with your environment’. This point appeared a notion of being changeable, while you should see the world.
If you want to change, you should be applicated some rules and values as much as possible, those values depend on social behaviors. Likely, be thankful and appreciative, be honest, be helpful, make people happy, explore your talents, do what you love, don’t compare your own life with anyone else, find your success at the edge in your zone comfort, avoid negative people, adjust or modify your goals, accept success and keep moving forward and then be the person you always wanted to be.

How to change yourself?

You must stop comparing yourself to others, be as authentic and genuine as possible, and improve and change what is closest to you. Identify your problem, you can write down a list of what you like about yourself, and then make a list of reasons why you want this change. Do self -affirmations, this step is like a motivation. Telling yourself positive things about yourself, may help you to establish your core values and stay focused on the person you want to be. For being a good ethic, you have to use three statements, first of all, as using ‘ I ‘am ‘ for example I ‘am a smart person, second ‘I can ‘, for instance: I can succeed in my studies, Third, ‘I will ‘ like ‘ I will become the person I want to be ‘ or I will improve my life ‘.

Another value of changing your life is being patient; you may not see results as soon as you had planned. And the last one, stop criticizing yourself, take time to appreciate your talents and best features, whether they are physical or internal. The last thing is that determines what you want for you, and reject what others say you should be.